Who are you?

Well, it shouldn't come as any surprise to you that my name is Ryan King. I'm currently in Hong Kong running a blockchain accelerator program for Emurgo, the venture builder for the Cardano protocol. I was previously a professor of international relations and Asian studies at Fudan University, host of a tri-weekly talk show on Chinese state radio, and mentor to startups and small businesses in and around Shanghai, China.

Why am I here?

You probably heard, read, or were told about my book, I Spent 10 Years in Asia and All I Got Were These Lousy Stories. In case you haven't clicked through and bought it yet - it's a collection of short stories from my time in three Asian countries: Japan, South Korea, and China. Each of the stories are light-hearted and funny (at least I think so), but aim to teach something at the same time. I hope that while you have fun reading, you also come away from the experience having learned something new...or ridiculous.

Have you written anything else?

Sure, blogs and whatnot, but no other books. Not yet. I'm currently working on my next title and will let everyone know when it is ready. If you'd like to be among the first to know, sign up in the form below to be notified.

What if I have any more questions?

Feel free to drop a line on the Get In Touch section.

Anything else you want to add?

Living in a foreign country often means being on the edge of having no money on a surprisingly frequent basis, and so, like many others, I have done a huge number of jobs in the past, some full-time and others part-time. So, before you here from someone else, here is a list of some of the highlights:

  • head of marketing at an eco-fashion startup
  • CEO of a mobile training startup
  • manager of a corporate training company for five-star hotels
  • podcast host for a Chinese language learning company
  • corporate trainer
  • salesman for a tobacco company
  • China news correspondent for a Korean radio show
  • the voice of the auto-recording for a Shanghai boat cruise
  • voice-recognition tester for a Korean mobile phone company
  • co-host of a Japanese radio show
  • foreign model for corporate photographs
  • English teacher
  • Chinese teacher
  • Japanese teacher
  • French teacher (I don't really speak French)
  • stand-up comedian
  • childcare worker
  • soccer coach
  • security guard
  • real estate agent
  • travel agent
  • test subject for Japanese medical trials

In the Press


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